Get into Music Portsmouth
We want to work together to provide young people with the knowledge and experience needed to develop successful careers in the music industry.
Get into Music Portsmouth

Get into Music Portsmouth

We want to work together to provide young people with the knowledge and experience needed to develop successful careers in the music industry.

Develop you understanding of the music industry, from the people that work within it.

Get into Music Portsmouth is a programme developed by Portsmouth Cultural Trust, in partnership with Creative and Cultural Skills and Creative Choices and supported by UK Music, aimed at providing young people with knowledge and experience in the technical and backstage music industry. It is also generously supported by The Southern Co-operative.

As employers, we recognise how vital real life experience is when it comes to getting jobs; this is particularly so in creative industries where the competition is big, and people readily equipped with skills, experience and knowledge of the sector stand a greater chance of success.

Get into Music will offer young people aged 14-24, opportunities to connect with professionals within the industry through a series of events. From Industry talks, Networking events, Industry Days and Creative Choices Days, if you are looking to work within the music business, then these opportunities should not be missed.

What we offer

We will be offering up industry based opportunities for you to get experience of working within the technical side of the industry. These may include:

  • Short term work experience opportunities within the venues
  • One off opportunities to work with a sound or lighting technician on a concert.
  • Work shadowing a technician backstage at a concert.
  • Working with a promoter on a local music event, with a focus on marketing.
  • Attending a sound check.
  • Meeting band/artist tour managers.
  • Work shadowing a box office person on the evening of a concert.
  • Helping to set up a local music event.
  • Reviewing a concert.

What practical experience do I need? Who are the main employers? What do I need to do next?

Alongside these opportunities, we will also be delivering a series of events throughout the year. This will give you the chance to come into a venue, and take part in a series of workshops or listen to professionals who work inside the music industry and ask them your questions.

14-16 year olds: This strand will focus on introducing young people to a range of offstage activities including sound, lighting, marketing, promotion and front-of-house activities (box office and catering). The activity will be aligned to ‘Creative Choices’, a proven activity set up by Creative and Cultural Skills. Held over a whole day, school children will be engaged in workshops run by leaders working within the industry.

16-19 year olds: a supportive programme which works with local education providers as well as an independent offer to individuals. This strand will raise young people’s awareness of the music industry through a series of opportunities including;

  • Work shadowing with industry professionals
  • Workshop programmes and Networking opportunities
  • Apprenticeship and internship opportunities
  • Professional advice programme.

19+ : A progressive programme aimed at young people taking their first steps into the music and live events industry. The focus on this area of the programme is to ensure young people are both business ready and industry aware. Opportunities will include;

  • Networking
  • Business planning and advice surgeries.
  • Understanding music promotion
  • How to manage artists
  • Working with agents and managements
  • Working in a record label
  • Relationships with venues

For more information about events that we have coming up, or to find out how you can get involved, email:


About ‘Get into Music’

The National ‘Get into Music’ has been developed by Creative and Cultural Skills as part of their careers programme, designed to provide support to young people through the use of online resources and events, devised and supported by industry professionals. Please click here for more information.

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