Start Time: 11am

Landlubbers, ahoy! Join WhatNot Theatre on adventures for bottle top treasure, silly sea shanties and a mischievous plastic bag monster from the deep; Squidley, the giant plastic squid.

Legendary Pirates Flotsam and Jetsam are no ordinary buccaneers of folklore; they are the founding members of the PPPI. The Plastic Plundering Pirates Initiative. Their goal; to rid the Oceans of plastic by using it to build a fleet of polymer ships, forever sailing the high seas to new adventures on the horizon.

We find our Pirates, Flotty & Jetty stranded on a desert island surrounded by plastic creatures; water bottle fish, tupperware jellyfish, microwave-tray crabs, milk bottle seagulls line the plastic tarp sea with salty bubble wrap spay. With the prospect of eating nothing but coconuts for an eternity they hatch a plan to escape, building a pirate ship constructed from the mass of sea plastic that washes upon ashore daily.

Join them for the launch ceremony of the great Polymer Poseidon; the most pliable pirate ship on the high seas, her sails a patchwork quilt of plastic bags shimmer in the briny breeze.
It is little known that Pirates have a pirate sense that tingles when a storm is drawing near…help them recreate the terrible destruction of storm Kevin; shaking the menacing grey clouds that loom overhead whilst strips of squishy plastic become the enraged waves.

Milk bottle seagulls are jostled by Storm Kevin’s winds and beware our pirates are armed with water pistols and they are not afraid to use them. Have your umbrellas at the ready. Flotty and Jetty are on a quest to boldly go where no Pirate has gone before…The Great Pacific Trash Vortex….the place where all sea plastic collects. But first they must restock their cargo and need the help of the audience. Can you collect enough plastic to see them through the long voyage ahead? Will they set sail before the big storm approaches and can they finally thwart their nemesis Squidley, the giant plastic Squid. Join Flotsam & Jetsam’s shenanigans of all things pirate and plastic, and how a water bottle can become so much more than mere plastic.

An interactive, relaxed and accessible experience, with the odd movie reference and an impressive dolphin impression, for all the family about recycling with a Piratey twist.

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