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From rock’n’roll in the 1950s to the arrival of heavy metal, punk and beyond, the British Establishment was terrified of the effect popular music had on the nation’s youth. Appalled by the music’s African-American heritage, disgusted by fans screaming at their idols, outraged by their lifestyles and fashions; politicians, clergymen, teachers and parents discovered that the lyrics were apparently full of obscenities, references to drugs, revolutionary slogans and other incitements to bad behaviour.

Peter Doggett and Dave Allen discuss the impact of three tumultuous decades on British youth culture – how they impacted people nationally and locally and reveal some of those events which scandalised the civic population of Portsmouth.

PETER DOGGETT has been writing professionally about popular music for more than forty years, having fallen under its spell as a Fareham teenager. He’s interviewed hundreds of musicians and made numerous appearances on radio and TV. His books include “You Never Give Me Your Money” about the break-up of the Beatles; “Electric Shock”, a panoramic history of 125 years of popular music and most recently “Growing Up”, a study of the sexual culture of the 1960s.

DAVE ALLEN is a veteran of the Portsmouth music scene as a musician, historian and academic. Once a professional recording musician in a couple of local bands, since the 1970s he has worked locally as an art teacher/lecturer in schools and the University while continuing to play music semi-professionally. With his pal Mick Cooper he has contributed to a growing history of popular music in the city through publications, websites, exhibitions and talks.

FREE EXTRA: there are a limited number of tickets that include a free guided tour with Dave of The Portsmouth Music Experience Exhibition in the Guildhall  at 6.30 before the “Outrage!” event.

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