A message from the Portsmouth Guildhall

We, like you, face difficult and uncertain times.

At the moment we have postponed or cancelled 12 large concerts, 11 shows of small production companies and local/emerging artists in our Guildhall Studio, numerous meetings and conference bookings, a wedding and fear this will only increase as the Covid-19 situation continues.

We have suspended our weekly programme of activities for the community, moved Portsmouth Comic Con – International Festival of Comics, an event that we produce, into August and cancelled the finals of our exciting competition for schools, Dance Live, disappointing hundreds of children.

For The Guildhall Trust, the charity who run Portsmouth Guildhall, the impact is massive with the majority of our staff directly involved in the delivery of these events and services.

We are determined that the show will go on, but we need your support:

  • Stay engaged. Be entertained.
    We will be filling our social media with lots of fun, interactive and interesting content for you to enjoy. Live streams, videos, quizzes, activities, challenges, competitions – you name it!
    Please follow us, like, share, comment and tag all your friends.
  • Buy a ticket for a future show. We all need something to look forward to!
  • Become a Guildhall Member. Enjoy great benefits while supporting your Guildhall.
  • Donate if you can. Any donation made online, however large or small, would be greatly appreciated.
  • If you had a ticket to a show that has now been cancelled, please consider waiving your refund.


For now, the lights may be dimmed, but with your support we hope to come back and shine brighter than ever.

Thank you. Stay safe and look after each other.

Lots of Love, The Guildhall Team.

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