The Guildhall Trust manages Portsmouth Guildhall and delivers a range of inspirational opportunities for the community.

Since closing our doors to the public on Monday 23rd March 2020, as a venue that relies on ticket income, hire fees and secondary spend, we have had very little or no income.

It is a common misconception that we are run and fully funded by our local authority, but we are not and we do not receive regular Arts Council funding. The Guildhall Trust generates 93% of its own turnover, which makes us the most efficient large Concert Hall in the south of England. Our local economic impact is estimated at £7million a year, influencing local employment and supply chains as well as delivering a major cultural offer for the city.

We have reduced our costs as much as possible but our essential building related costs alone, such as insurance, water and lighting, remain at £1.7million a year.

We are very grateful to have been awarded a £215,000 lifeline grant from the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund and while this support will go some way to help, we still face a challenge ahead to secure the further funds that are needed.

We are doing everything we can to bring in additional and alternative revenue and now, we are reaching out and asking for your help.

Please consider supporting us in this, the iconic building’s 130th year, to ensure that we can bring back the sound of music and laughter and continue to entertain, inspire and transform lives.

With the same spirit that saw us rebuild after the Blitz, we are determined that with your help, we will put 2020 behind us and that the show will go on at Portsmouth Guildhall.

Thank you for your support – there are many ways that you can help.

Myth: Portsmouth Guildhall gets lots of money from selling tickets

Fact: Ticket prices are set by agents and promoters and we only get a small percentage of this price.

Myth: Portsmouth Guildhall gets lots of money from booking fees

Fact: Booking fees are set by our ticketing system partner, Ticketmaster, to cover the cost of the computer systems, people and processes involved in selling tickets. We get a small percentage of this fee which goes towards covering our own operational costs.

Myth: Portsmouth Guildhall is run by and gets lots of money from the City Council

Fact: Portsmouth City Council own the building which is leased to The Guildhall Trust. We are very grateful for the grant funding we receive but this is less than ¼ of what is needed to operate on a daily basis and will not cover the major investment that is now needed to secure the future of the Guildhall.

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