How to make the most of staying indoors during Coronavirus

As we adapt to our new circumstances of staying at home to keep safe, I don’t think any of us would argue against the necessity of it to protect ourselves and loved ones and to help our NHS, but I don’t think I’d be alone in saying that I’m not finding it easy?

Particularly having worked in entertainment venues and attractions for the last 20 years, you get used to being able to hear bands doing their soundcheck from your desk, or staying late to see your favourite artist perform live or laugh at a top comedian as they call out the latecomers, or have the chance to check out some new music or drama and be amazed by a stunning piece of theatre.

So how do we replicate our favourite leisure experiences, that we’ve all come to take for granted, within the confines of our own homes?

Our previous blog, Performance isn’t Dead, It’s just in Quarantine’, gives information on loads of online shows and services available for your fix of the arts including NTLive, BalletBoyz, Wind in the Willows and just recently Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber has also made some of his filmed musicals available free of charge on the YouTube channel, ‘The Show Must Go On’. (We think he stole that line from us?!).

But what about when you’ve exhausted all those options? Here are a few more things you might like to consider:

Put on your own show

Like the Marsh family from Faversham who went viral last week with their lockdown adaptation of Les Mis’ One Day More. Before they even sung a note I think most parents could relate to the boy’s complaint against his sister, “Why are you hitting me? I haven’t done anything. She just hit me, all day, that’s all she’s done to me all day!”


And then the singing. Just wow! It seemed at one point to be descending into utter chaos but they somehow managed to bring it back at the end?!


Create your own Exhibition…
Like The Getty Museum in Los Angeles who challenged art fans to recreate their favourite works of art from the comfort of their own home and send their photos. I’m not sure they got quite what they were expecting? Think back to the trend of recreating childhood family photos and you’ll get a good idea!


Open your own home restaurant…
Like Cheffrey on Twitter who opened his ‘Quarantine Grill’ restaurant for his wife in their own home when all their date nights had to be cancelled. Hundreds of thousands praised his efforts which included a printed menu stating, “All dishes prepared by your husband”, in case she didn’t know!


Make your own Pub Quiz…
Like former pub landlord, Jay Flynn, whose Virtual Pub Quiz went viral when he mistakenly made his Facebook event ‘public’ and had over 300,000 people take part in what is now set to be a weekly quiz. There are lots of other online quizzes to choose from too including BBC Sports Live weekly Friday night sports quiz, Pub Quiz Live hosted by DJ Scott Mills every Wednesday in aid of MS Society or why not join Jimmy Carr (who is coming to Portsmouth Guildhall on 19th August and 16th December year) for his nightly “The Little Tiny Quiz of the Lockdown”.

Check out the YouTube video here


Whatever you’re doing, do it safely and keep well.

We look forward to the day that we can reopen the doors of Portsmouth Guildhall and welcome you in to enjoy live entertainment once more!

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