LMSUKmedia supports local artists in time of difficulty

Coronavirus has hit small businesses hard and although some support is available, the widespread cancellation of in‐person events has affected the music industry – independent artists included. Now, more than ever, it’s important we continue to support the local music scene as they bring their practices online.

The main concern for musicians such as Fareham‐based, alternative rock band, The Dusty Trims, is that they have had to cancel numerous gigs resulting in a loss of income and potential opportunities. Portsmouth‐based, LMSUKmedia, has been providing ongoing support for smaller artists who are struggling during this time.

The Dusty Trims, who have working with LMSUKmedia said: “Lockdown has made it incredibly hard for us as a band and the added boost that LMSUKmedia has given us by managing our social media has been invaluable. They’ve helped us build upon our existing fan base while helping to reach new ones.

“While we can’t play gigs, we can get our music heard. They’ve also helped us get us featured on music playlists, on the radio and organised bigger and better gigs for once lockdown is lifted. “

For many artists, there’s a fear that credibility can be lost when taking any focus away from their music such as building a brand. While there’s no doubt that writing and performing music is important, establishing an online presence will create a strong, defined image and visual identity for you as a musician.

Josh Robinson, Founder of LMSUKmedia said: “Many artists focus on their music but forget to invest in their visual branding. Branding is a big factor that separates artists that make a career for themselves against those that don’t. By investing in your visual image, you are building up a loyal and engaged following who will listen to your music religiously. However, it’s important to remember that it is a long‐term strategy and doesn’t happen overnight. Building a fan base takes a lot of time, patience and effort.

“Our Social Media Management team will develop the ideas that will make an artist’s music accessible which in turn, will help build a community of engaged followers.” With the thrill of in‐person gigs currently out of the question, Portsmouth Guildhall and LMSUKmedia decided to team up and bring together local artists and fans by moving gigs online, reframing as a Facebook live event where musicians will perform a brief set of their own on Guildhall’s Facebook page.

A representative from Portsmouth Guildhall said: “We know that people are missing live music during this difficult time and we wanted to work together with LMSUKmedia to support local artists by providing a platform where they could perform, connect with their growing audiences and where people could make a donation that would go back into supporting local creatives.”

Venues like the Portsmouth Guildhall give local musicians the opportunity to develop their skills and refine their sound. Grassroot venues like these play a crucial role in the development of the British music scene, nurturting local talent and providing a platform for emerging, new artists.

“Throughout lockdown, Portsmouth Guildhall has been working hard to keep audiences engaged through fun, interesting and interactive content on their social media, and the weekly live streams featuring talented artists in our city are a key part of that”, a representative from Portsmouth Guildhall added.

Like all music fans, how we interact and consume our favourite music is different today than it was a few months ago, but through social media and live stream opportunities, we can help keep the music industry alive.

If you are working in the music industry and are facing difficulties, get in touch with LMSUKmedia, who are working hard to support smaller artists like you. Click here to get in touch.


About LMSUKmedia

LMSUKmedia Team
LMSUKmedia Team

Starting off as a blog back in 2016 LMSUKmedia is a growing organisation set on providing support and shedding light on smaller local artists. The team has a real passion to give talented artists the kick‐start they need in their music careers through promotion and commitment. Using our experience of the last four years we launched our Social media management where we go above and beyond for our clients advising them on their communications strategy and execution of their social media strategy which is split into: Increased following / More ticket Sales / Gain maximum engagement to get more bookings. This has been a big success with our cliental building up with national record labels / Large artists and producers across the UK.

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