The best podcasts to soothe and calm

You don’t need us to tell you that it’s been a hard few months. With our stage lights dimmed temporarily, we’ve been using the world of podcasts as the next best thing to seeing a live show – and in this series we will take you through some of our firm-favourites to escape, excite or educate.

Today, we transport you to the world of meditation, as we list out five of our favourite podcasts to reclaim your inner zen.


The Mindful Podcast

Finding it hard to think clearly? Or are you after a mini escape for 10 minutes? The Mindful Podcast does exactly what it says on the tin, giving you some narrative and taking you through some mindful exercises you can do to ease a busy or anxious mind.


Classical Music Discoveries

With Portsmouth Chamber Series being moved, and the BSO’s season cancelled, we could all do with some classical music in our lives. Not to mention the various scientifically proven benefits of listening of classical music, there’s sometimes nothing better than sitting down and relaxing to some instrumental songs.


Meditation Minis

Hosted by a hypnotherapist, Meditation Mini’s guides you through meditations centred around work, health, sleep and confidence, arming listeners with the tools to overcome negative thoughts.


The Tapping Solution

If you haven’t heard of tapping before, it is a holistic healing technique based of acupressure and psychology, using pressure points in the body to calm the nervous system and restore the balance of energy. This podccast guides you through tapping and how to use it in day to day life.


Sleep Cove

Once you have relaxed your mind wholly, it might be time for a sleep. A mix of fictional bedtime stories, hypnotherapy and ASMR, Sleep Cove is a great free alternative to the Calm app – one that has a hefty price tag. You can take your pick whether to listen to a story about Sherlock Holmes, take a night train journey across Europe, or listen to a hypnotherapy podcast. Whatever your preference to sleep, this podcast will help you reach the land of nod in no time.

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