Focus on off-stage technical skills

Dance Live! 2023 has delivered successful workshops to schools and colleges across the country!

Dance Live! 2023 is the popular annual dance contest produced by The Guildhall Trust, with heats and finals taking place between February and May 2023.

The competition embraces the ever-evolving digital world and how this is changing the face of modern performance. The workshops, organised and delivered by the Dance Live! team, are a core part of the development of the off-stage technical skills that contribute to the choreographed routines of pupils in KS2-4 and Further Education in front of a backdrop of a giant LED screen.

Workshop days focus on the off-stage technical skill requirements of Dance Live! and offer support to pupils through the various areas they need to cover. Sessions were led by the Dance Live! team and technicians, with a practical task at the end of each session for pupils to put in to practice what they have learnt. The workshops are designed to stimulate ideas and creativity to support performances.

For schools new to the Dance Live! process, the days gave an insight to staff and students and an understanding of what the judges will be looking for. It was also a chance for pupils and their teachers to come to a venue and meet some of the Dance Live! team, and for pupils to ask questions about anything they are struggling with as they create their routine.

Cherry Lambert, Dance Live! producer, said “Dance Live! is about so much more than just the dancers on stage, giving a real focus and recognition to the work that goes into performances behind the scenes and the technical requirements. This really opens participation up to all pupils and makes Dance Live! more popular with boys which can be unusual for a dance contest. Our workshop days help to give an insight to our technical team, build technical skills and inspire pupils to consider a career in the creative sector.”

Post-workshop feedback shows that 100% of students learned something new that they wouldn’t have learnt if they hadn’t attended the workshop, that 100% of teachers feel more prepared to assist their students in the preparation and creation of their performance, and that almost two-thirds (64%) of students have taken an interest in a creative career since attending the workshop.

Each workshop day taught the following skills to participating schools and colleges: how to create LED screen content; how to interact with the LED screen; how to light and sound a performance; and how to create the journey to their Dance Live! video.

One student from St Edmund’s Catholic School commented, “I loved learning about the technical side of theatre productions in a professional environment from professionals!” A teacher from the Isle of Wight Education Federation added, “It really got the students thinking about how they can create the best visual content possible.”

Teachers and students have benefitted from getting face-to-face advice and guidance; understanding what they have access to on the day of heats; learning iPad skills, green screens and lighting decks; finding out about different methods to use to create the digital content; understanding the best use of lighting; and receiving clear advice on structuring their journey for the Dance Live! video.

Following the workshops, students and pupils in participating schools and colleges can now look forward to the contest!

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