Dance Live! - Uniting Cultures Through Rhythm, Movement and Digital Technology

In an inspiring collaboration that transcends borders and cultural differences, Eastbourne Academy has joined forces with Uganda Hands for Hope for Dance Live!, a dance competition produced by The Guildhall Trust. With this unique partnership, students have been able to showcase their dance talents while fostering meaningful connections across continents. As producers of Dance Live!, we are proud to have created a platform that fosters meaningful collaboration.

Eastbourne Academy’s involvement with Uganda Hands for Hope is part of their gifted and talented dance scholar program. Beyond the dance performances, students have formed meaningful connections, becoming pen pals and forging friendships that go beyond cultural and geographical differences. The theme of their dance reflects this global friendship, highlighting the unity that dance can bring to people from all walks of life.

Uganda Hands for Hope, an organization founded with the mission to be the ‘voice of the voiceless’ and support vulnerable children, has embraced dance as a transformative force in the lives of the children they serve. The organization is run by Joseph Cummiskey, who is originally from Brighton. Started as a small daycare centre in 2008, the organization has grown to provide not only a safe haven but also essential care, education, and access to medical support for over 360 children. Dance has become more than an art form; it is a new way of life for these children, offering joy, inspiration, and a respite from the challenges of daily life in the community.

Cherry Lambert, producer of Dance Live!, expressed enthusiasm for the joint effort and highlighted the digital aspects of the production carried out by the participating schools. She stated, ‘We are so excited to see how Dance Live! is growing, transforming, and connecting our school communities in the UK and beyond. This really demonstrates what is possible with the digital aspects of the event and why we’re encouraging teachers to use Dance Live! as a tool to develop digital and creative thinking skills with their students. We can’t wait to see the full collaboration between Eastbourne Academy and Uganda Hands for Hope in their Dance Live! performance next year!

The Dance Live! collaboration between Eastbourne Academy and Uganda Hands for Hope is a testament to the transformative power of dance and technology. It goes beyond mere cultural exchange; it is a celebration of diversity, resilience, and the unifying force of art. In the words of Charlie Bowden, Head of Performing Arts and BTEC Quality Nominee at The Eastbourne Academy, “We wanted to show our kids that there is life outside of the Eastbourne community, and dance has been such an easy and exciting way to bring us all together.” Dance Live! is more than just a competition, it’s a celebration of dance – breaking down barriers, bringing people together, and providing children with an opportunity to express themselves through dance and digital art production.


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