Portsmouth Guildhall is hosting the most anticipated wellness event of the year

Are you ready to transform your well-being and empower your mind? Mark your calendars for Sunday, 1st September, 2024, because Portsmouth Guildhall is hosting the most anticipated wellness event of the year: Mindset Maintenance LIVE. This third annual seminar promises to be a game-changer for anyone looking to enhance their mental health and well-being.

Highlights of Mindset Maintenance LIVE

Alex Partridge, the influential founder of UNILAD and LADbible, and the voice behind the hit podcast ADHD Chatter, will be gracing the stage along with eight other distinguished speakers. Alex will share his inspiring journey of navigating an ADHD diagnosis while building successful enterprises. His candid storytelling will surely resonate with many and provide valuable insights into mental health and entrepreneurship.

Meet the Visionary Founder: Bianca Brathwaite

Mindset Maintenance LIVE is the brainchild of Bianca Brathwaite, a dynamic force in the wellness community of Portsmouth. Bianca founded Mindset Maintenance CIC during the early days of the lockdown, and since then, it has blossomed into a comprehensive initiative that supports mental health and well-being.

Bianca’s mission is clear: empower individuals to take control of their well-being. Drawing from her own experiences, she emphasizes the importance of creating a personal well-being toolbox, being mindful of habits such as alcohol consumption, social circles, screen time, and sleep patterns. Her insights are grounded in extensive research and personal commitment to community health.

An Evening of Inspiration and Empowerment

The event, hosted by the award-winning wellbeing coach Hannah Murray, promises a rich agenda filled with educational and inspirational talks. Hannah, with over a decade of experience, is set to guide attendees through an evening designed to showcase the reality of mental health challenges and the pathways to overcoming them.

Engaging Panels and Keynote Speakers

One of the highlights includes the ‘Hormones on The Blink’ panel led by Sophie Cartledge and featuring speakers like Dr. Katie Hodgkinson, Emily Courtney (Mothering and The Menopause), and Paula Rastrick. Other notable speakers include Luke Beastall, Mark Gaizley, and Hannah Youell, covering topics such as the power of community and inclusive well-being.

Secure Your Spot!

Don’t miss out on this transformative event. Tickets are currently priced at £12.95 and available until August 28th. Concession rates and corporate offers are also available. For more details and to purchase tickets, visit Mindset Maintenance.

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Join us at Portsmouth Guildhall for an evening of empowerment and inspiration. Your journey to a better well-being starts here!

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