Venue Description

There is gentle ramp access from outside, into our main foyer for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility. From here the stalls of the Auditorium, the Guildhall Studio space, the Square Kitchen Café are all accessible.

Our toilets, including the Accessible Toilets, are on the basement level which can be accessed by lifts on both sides of the foyer. Please see below for the lift dimensions. All other areas of the Guildhall can also be accessed by these lifts.




The legroom in the Main Auditorium varies between the Stalls, Upper Stalls and Circle. Below is a guide to seat widths and legroom. Please note that all seats have fixed arm rests, and legroom is measured from the front edge of your seat to the back of the seat in front. All measurements are in millimetres.

Seat width: 420mm
Leg room: 300mm

Upper Stalls:
Seat width: 420mm
Leg room: 240mm

Seat width: 420mm
Leg room: 200mm

Seats in The Lens Studio are freestanding with no arm rests and have a width of 470mm.


Our Box Office and Auditorium have hearing induction loop systems in place.

If you require any assistance whilst in our building, please ask a member of staff and we will be happy to help and can advise on best routes and access points.

Access Facilities

We’re happy to offer complimentary tickets for companions. As standard, our wheelchair positions and other ‘Accessible Seats’ come with one free ticket.

Our Main Auditorium has a wheelchair platform located at the back of the Upper Stalls Area. This is accessed via a wheelchair lift in the corridor, capacity of which is:

Maximum Load is 250kg / 550lb

Operational length of wheelchair with person 100cm / 3 Feet 3 inches

Operational width of wheelchair with person 70cm / 2 feet 3.5 inches


Free standing seats are positioned next to wheelchair spaces for companions.

For ambulant disabled/ non-wheelchair users and their companions, you can choose to sit in any area of the auditorium. Our Box Office team are happy to support you in making a decision as to where best to sit.

The closest accessible toilets to the wheelchair platform are located in the Basement area of the building. There is lift access to the toilets. Please see above for lift dimensions.

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